Antonius Caviar

The Best Chef Awards 2017

On October 25th the Best Chef Awards Gala was held in the Bank of Poland Redoubt. Antonius Caviar had the pleasure of being one of the partners of this extraordinary event.

The formula of the competition fully reflects the rules governing the world of gastronomy. Bloggers, photographers and journalists following the latest trends selected 300 top chefs. Additionally, the votes of good taste enthusiasts who frequently visit the best restaurants constituted 30% of the final rating. They could express their opinions on Facebook, which made it possible to create a final, objective ranking in which winners come from almost every country in the world. The competition was indeed popular as almost 25,000 people watched its livestream.

The statuettes were awarded in the following categories: The Best Chef Top 300 2017 (Joan Roca, Spain), The Best Chef Lady 2017 (Chantel Dartnall, South Africa), The Best Chef Pastry 2017 (Roger van Damme, Belgium), The Best Chef Foodart 2017 (Atsushi Tanaka, France ), The Best Chef CityGourmet 2017 (Modest Amaro, Poland) and The Best Chef Rising Star 2017 (Rafał Koziorzemski, Poland). The last of the winners deserves our special attention because the prize he was awarded was preceded by a separate competition which ended with a final duel in May. At that time Koziorzemski competed with other young adepts of a culinary arts such as: Bryan Francisco from Colombia, Giacomo Monzali from Italy, Günter Paffendorf from the Netherlands and Tadashi Takayama from Japan. Working as a sous-chef in a restaurant in Gdynia called Biały Królik, he won recognition of the jury preparing a hake with parsley purée with brown butter, parsley oil and jelly from hake stock. The composition was complemented by a cucumber salad served as ice cream and apple compressed in parsley.

Agata Łakomiak-Winnicka (Sales and Marketing Director of Antonius Caviar) had the pleasure to award the statuette in The Best Chef Foodart 2017 category. Its laureate – the chef of A.T. Restaurant in Paris – everyday convinces people that “visual aspects are as crucial as smell, texture or temperature” and his philosophy has a basic principle of “expressing the earth”. People tasting the dishes prepared by Atsushi Tanaka should be sure that the taste represents a specific geographical location. The oysters are supposed to take the guests to the coasts of Normandy, milk cream with a hint of Hinoki to a Japanese park, and a glass of wine should be full of reminiscences of foggy days in the Loire valley. The winner is the master of innovation, author of original technical solutions, simply a taste creator.

However, the already mentioned award for Rafał Koziorzemski is the second most important prize for representatives of Poland. Certainly no one was surprised when the Best Chef CityGourmet 2017 award was granted to Modest Amaro but many will from now on start following the other nominated chefs: Adam Adamczak (Oskoma), Marcin Popielarz (Biały Królik), Jean Bos (Eco) and Paweł Stawicki (Mercato).

Of course, during the event we had the pleasure to offer caviar tasting to the guests. It was an honour for us to be invited by the organizers of The Best Chef Awards 2017. Not only could we present our product to the most eminent chefs but we could also have many interesting conversations. Although our caviar is used in restaurants in dozens of countries around the world, a personal meeting with taste creators always leaves unique memories.