Antonius Caviar

Stary Browar Club event

10th anniversary of the Stary Browar Club – we definitely could not miss that! The event attracted more than a thousand people between 13 and 16 September. They are loyal customers of Stary Browar, always curious about the latest trends in fashion, music and culinary.

The Club perfectly fits into the Idea of 50 50 – complementary elements of art, commerce and business. People who belong to it, extremely appreciate the offer prepared for them by individual premium brands from Stary Browar Shopping Center. They boldly follow fashion trends and impatiently wait for the new collections. So, it is no wonder that the fashion show, traditionally directed by Katarzyna Sokołowska, met with a great interest. On the catwalk there were presented autumn-winter stylizations, which undoubtedly can become an inspiration for the shoppers. Thereby the organizers reminded that in the interiors of Stary Browar we can find many original Polish designs, created inter alia by Bizuu, Roberta Kupisza, Bohoboco, Lidii Kality czy Rage Age by Czapul. The success of the show can be concluded by… delay of its ending. The standing ovation  showed a great appreciation for the models from TV show “Top Model”, the author of all stylizations – Maria Szaj and Tomasz Butowtt who cared about the perfect music sets.



Although almost two hours have passed since the beginning of this event, the evening has just begun. It was time for the concert. This year on the stage appeared a great polish singer Alicja Majewska, Włodzimierz Korcz accompanying her on the piano and the Warsaw Opera Quartet. And here we must mention that during the particular edition of the Stary Browar Club all concerts are organized in the way to attract the widest audience. It was not different this time – Alicja Majewska presented herself as a singer well known to the older listeners, recognized by the younger due to her greatest hits but above all being present in Stary Browar in order to show songs from her latest album and let discover herself again. We had no doubt – it worked! After almost two-hour concert, the audience rewarded the artist with a few minutes ovation. Once again, Alicja Majewska proved that she is one of the polish biggest star.



And finally – the banquet. The end of the evening and the opportunity to sample exceptional dishes prepared specially by Tomasz Purol, chef of the Blow Up Hall 5050 and the winner of the 5th polish edition of the TV show “Top Chef”. Among the side dishes there were small sandwiches with caviar and dill topping. The original combination and absolutely unique taste – the taste of Antonius Caviar. The guests encouraged by the new experience also enjoyed the opportunity to taste the caviar itself. With a great pleasure – at a specially dedicated stand – we offered everyone a chance to try black gold. Traditionally, the tasting was performed by putting a caviar on the top of the hand – between the thumb and forefinger. This method increases the intensity of the taste. Chilled caviar, served straight from the ice pater, is slowly warmed up by the temperature of the hand, and our guests could fully relished it. Discover the texture, flavor and aroma. Of course they could also compare different types of caviar – vary depending on size and origin. About this and many other issues related to the tradition of the Antonius Caviar company, breeding sturgeons, production and culture of caviar, we were talking with our  guests until late evening …

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you during this event! Hoping that we provide you many flavor and esthetic impressions, we just would like to say: see you soon!