Antonius Caviar

La Cuillère d’Or Paris 2018

The culinary world is neither masculine nor feminine. These two elements complement each other and interpenetrate. However, just like in sport, duels or tournaments are governed by their own rules. La Cuillère d’Or is one of the most important culinary competitions, dedicated only to female cooking professionals and amateurs.

In this year’s fight for The Golden Spoon the main theme was an egg – a symbol of fertility, freshness and spring rebirth of nature. The participants had to prepare six plates with appetizers, main dishes (The Trophée Cuisine), identical desserts (The Pastry Trophy), and also portray the goddess of the world in chocolate or sugar (LadiesTrophy).

The contest jury consisted of, among many others, William Gomez (chef at Elysee Palace), Virginia Basselot – MOF (La Réserve Genève) and Xavier Mathieu (Hostellerie Le Phebus).

Antonius Caviar had the pleasure of preparing caviar tasting for both jurors and participants. It was the chance to try our products for Anne-Sophie Pic (the only woman to be honored with 3 Michelin stars), Pierre Hermé (World’s Best Pastry Chef), Nicolas Sale (chef at Ritz Carlton, 2 Michelin stars) and many others.

The opportunity to observe the culinary rivalry and to talk with culinary celebrities of the world was a great honor for us. And the appreciation for our caviar gave us a great deal of satisfaction.

The full list of winners of the La Cuillère d’Or 2018:


Category „proffesional”:              

  1. Lydie Bel – La Pomme d’Amour
  2. Julie Chaudouard – l’Apétille
  3. Alice Legros – Peninsula
  4. Nathalie Trophème – Le Bistro Gourmand
  5. Sophie Neisius – Le Bristol
  6. Anto Cocagne – Le Chef Anto

Category „amateur”:

  1. Stéphanie Clinard
  2. Anne-Laure Barthe
  3. Dao Nguyen
  4. Coline Pouillart
  5. Iona Bogdan
  6. Noémie Gruhier


Category „proffesional”: 

  1. Saranrat Woraditha Wong – Autour de la Table
  2. Maria Fernanda Escalona Granadillo – Dolç par Yann Duytsche
  3. Laure Gilbay – Hôtel Restaurant Les Lacs

Category „amateur”:

  1. Mildred Henaux
  2. Carole Ferron
  3. Catherine Brugger


  1. Eline Soistier
  2. Marion Wickaert
  3. Margaux Bravard
  4. Abigail Paillasson
  5. Clotilde Lebon
  6. Capucine Henrio
  7. Ludwine Henrio
  8. Luccia Bel
  9. Pauline Clouet

Congratulations for all the winners!