Antonius Caviar

Food & Friends’ 8th birthday at Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Characteristic graphic design, tastefully selected pictures of culinary compositions, and reviews of the best restaurants that encourage you to take culinary journeys. This is how Food & Friends can be characterized briefly. The gastronomic world has had no secrets for editors and loyal readers of the magazine for eight years.

Photo: Szymon Brodziak

It was the best reason to show up at the ballroom of Raffles Europejski Hotel in Warsaw on that November evening. That is where the culinary meeting of the three capitals took place. Fans of excellent drinks were impressed by compositions by Andrea Camastra (Senses, Warsaw), Filip Langhoff (Ask, Helsinki) and Bjorn Swanson (Golvet, Berlin). Each of the proposals delighted with the presentation, perfect combination of flavors, and products chosen by the chefs. Among the dishes served that night were oysters with cucumber and lychee, Finnish turnip, apple and… grilled reindeer heart.

Photos: Małgorzata Opala

Filip Langhoff created a composition with Antonius Caviar. He prepared dumplings with cucumber and black gold. This description, however, seems very incomplete. It does not reflect the intensity of flavours, it also does not say much about the texture of these products. Therefore, just look at the picture below – culinary works of art are, after all, extremely photogenic.

Photo: Małgorzata Opala

We wish the whole Food and Friends team many more years on the publishing market, thank you for the meeting – preparing a tasting of Antonius Caviar for your guests was a great pleasure for us.

Photos: Szymon Brodziak