Antonius Caviar

64th Summer Fancy Food Show – New York 2018

The largest food industry fair in North America – we surely could not miss it! And that’s why, at the turn of June and July, we went overseas. After all, it has long been known that Antonius Caviar is a global product.

We participate in hundreds of events every year. During banquets, we run caviar tastings, watch culinary struggles of the best chefs or present our products. The Summer Fancy Food Show was somehow a combination of all these activities. It was another international trade fair in which we participated with the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Americans assiociate caviar with Europe. Most often, however, they find Russian or Iranian caviar the synonym of the best one. We tried to convince the visitors of our stand that it is just a myth. They tasted Polish caviar with interest and some simply could not believe what great care characterizes the production of Antonius Caviar. We definitely surprised and, most of all, fascinated many. We are pleased to be seen not only as a supplier of exquisite caviar, but also as a responsible breeder and producer.

We hope that when we visit the United States again, Antonius Caviar will be available in many culinary spots. And in the meantime, we wish you many exceptional trips this summer – maybe during your journeys you will find a restaurant where our caviar is served?