Antonius Caviar

5th birthday of Cucina 88 restaurant

Jubilees, jubilees, jubilees … 5th birthday of Cucina 88, 10th birthday of City Park!

We were very pleased to take part in this unusal event. In fact, we were a prelude to it. With the properly chilled champagne, our caviar was a unique appetizer for everything that was about to come.

Cucina 88 is undoubtedly a remarkable place on the culinary map of Poznan. We have often come across the opinion that this restaurant ‘creates culinary trends’ of Greater Poland’s capital. We were delighted with the invitation to another opening jubilee, but also with an opportunity to present our caviar to all guests. Oscietra and Siberian – unique black pearls taste perfectly when you try it directly from the back of the hand, placed between your thumb and your index finger. Straight from ice paters, slightly heated by the temperature of the body, caviar reveals the richness of its aroma. But curious guests not only savored the caviar, but also they were craving for knowledge about our product. The location of ponds, the way of production, and an immediate delivery – all this was a practical complement to the background which was the history of Polish caviar that we were telling about. Moreover, on our blog you will soon find much more information on this subject – stay tuned!



Anyway, back to the event – it was a great pleasure to accompany the ceremony of handing over the… knife. A famous chef of Cucina 88, Ernest Jagodziński, was replaced by another talented chef, Dominik Narloch. A culinary master, who is famous of serving excellent sturgeon dishes as well as of an individual creative approach to caviar. So, will we try another variations on “black gold” soon? At the moment, we can’t tell you much. But if you were present at Cucina 88, you know what a wine-roulette is about. Maybe those who have guessed the countries of origin of the liquor without any slightest mistake, also this time know the right answer?